Organising your own event or challenge is a fantastic and fun way to get involved with Lollipop Day and to raise awareness and vital funds for the cause.

This year sees the return of an OCF community favourite Lollipop Night and an updated for 2023 version of lockdown challenge Row For Dough , which will feature 2 of Dublin's top rowing clubs battling it out!

If you would like to organise your own event for Lollipop Day, we would be thrilled to support you to do so, whether it's a coffee morning, a comedy night or anything in between.

Register your interest today by completing our short form below.

The Impact of Your Support

Holly Woods

Holly was a young, healthy and active music teacher who loved to play hockey  when she was diagnosed with stage 4, terminal Oesophageal Cancer at just 26 years old. Determined to continue fighting, Holly was accepted into a clinical research trial where after 3 months, her cancer was no longer present.

“The only reason that I’m still alive today is because of research into this cancer which is funded by charities like the OCF. The work that you do in fundraising for the OCF has very tangible, real effects in the everyday lives of people like me. Thank you.”

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