Lollipop Day, the annual Oesophageal Cancer Fund awareness and fundraising campaign, takes place this year on Friday February 24th and we are inviting supporters and volunteers across the country to get involved in whatever way that you can.

More than 500 people are diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer each year in Ireland. Lollipop Day will help to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms associated with this cancer and fund vital research to support the early detection and prevention of this disease.

Together, we can help to ensure that the highest quality support and care is available for anyone diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer, so that those affected can live long, full lives - knowing that we are by their side.

Deposit your Lollipop Day funds online

You can deposit the funds that you have raised for Lollipop Day by using the online form here or by lodging or transferrring directly to our bank account using the following details:

Account Name:  Oesophageal Cancer Fund

Account Number:  33740363

Branch Sort Code:  90-10-28

IBAN: IE70BOFI90102833740363


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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The Impact of Your Support

Holly Woods

Holly was a young, healthy and active music teacher who loved to play hockey  when she was diagnosed with stage 4, terminal Oesophageal Cancer at just 26 years old. Determined to continue fighting, Holly was accepted into a clinical research trial where after 3 months, her cancer was no longer present.

“The only reason that I’m still alive today is because of research into this cancer which is funded by charities like the OCF. The work that you do in fundraising for the OCF has very tangible, real effects in the everyday lives of people like me. Thank you.”

Join the Oesophageal Cancer Companion Programme

The Oesophageal Cancer Fund has an ongoing annual commitment to funding Oesophageal Cancer Research Programmes; a monthly gift will help us to maintain our commitments to Oesophageal Cancer research. Thank you.

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